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Senior Executive für Sustainability (ESG/CSR), Transformation, M&A, Recht/Law, Public Affairs & Government Relations

Assumption of interim mandates mainly as Chief CSR/Sustainability Officer (CSO), Head of CSR/Sustainability, Representative for CSR/Sustainability, Head of Environment and Permits, Head of Corporate Development, Head of Strategy, Head of M&A, General Management, Interim General Counsel, Interim Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Interim Head ...
€ 250 - € 300 Kassel

Financieel Directeur

Ik ben een senior financieel directeur met bijna 20 jaar ervaring in de (Rabo) bancaire wereld. Met een sterke focus op strategie, verandering en resultaat. In mijn aanpak staan kwalitatieve inzichten in de klant en cijfers/fact based analyses altijd aan de basis. Het signaleren van nieuwe invalshoeken en de kansen komen dan vanzelf. Door m...
€ 125 - € 150 Netherlands

Project / program / interim manager

Currently John acts parttime as chairman within the national program Egiz of the Dutch government VWS via NEN. Recently John has acted as shareholder, CIO, PM in general, HR and Facility Manager at Cyclups, a start-up/scale-up company that creates sustainable and compostable granulate from agricultural waste (wheat) to be used as a substitu...
€ 110 - € 140 Maastricht

SHEQ Consultant

Sheq, qa/qc, quality assurance, auditor, assessor, improvement projects, turnaround
€ 65 - € 115 Zevenbergen

Senior Manager, Directeur, Internationaal Programma Manager, Digital Transformation

I am an experienced entrepreneur and senior manager of business change in which information technology is a significant element. People matter most and in cooperation we get the job done. Entrepreneurial style, creative to find solutions, direct and to the point, clear communications. Agile adapt.  Experienced in Boardroom consultancy, Busi...
€ 100 - € 150 De Mortel

Allround Boekhouder, Controller, Belastingadviseur, Ondernemersadviseur MKB

Interim Controller, interim financial controller, interim business controller, interim boekhouder, interim allround mkb boekhouder, specialist financiële rapportages & jaarrekeningen
€ 75 - € 125 Eindhoven